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Group Formation Theory


This group formation theory is the brainchild of Bruce Tuckman. Tuckman suggested that for a group to develop into a successful team, it will need to progress through four stages: Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing.

The diagram below illustrates the four stages in Bruce Tuckman's Group Formation Theory

Diagram illustrating Tuckman's Group Formation Theory


This stage is about the team forming:


Once a team has completed the forming stage they will move onto storming


During this stage team members are becoming accustomed to working with each other


At this stage the team are now on the path to becoming a team that will work's together successfully.


Forming, norming, storming and performing by Bruce Tuckman is a popular group formation theory. It is particularly useful for managers taking over a new team or for managers keen to overcome poor performance. The first step for team managers is to identify the stage their team is at, so that they can formulate a plan to move the team onto next stage. As a team progresses through each stage the manager's involvement reduces. At the forming stage a team requires lots of direction and instructions from their manager, whilst a performing team will only need management support on the rare occasion.


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