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Free Business Management PowerPoints

Free management PowerPoints are provided for your use;whether you are a lecturer, a student, an employee or a business. You can use them in the current format or amend them as required. All we ask is for you to keep the Learnmanagement logo on the PowerPoints. Enjoy!

Business Management Presentation Title Presentation Link
Maslow Hierarchy of Needs View Business Presentation
Herzberg Motivation/Hygiene Theory View Business Presentation
Communication Process (Diagram only) View Business Presentation
Management Styles View Business Presentation
Organisational Culture View Business Presentation
Likert System Theory View Business Presentation
Total Quality Management View Business Presentation
Vroom's Expectancy Theory View Business Presentation
Leadership Power View Business Presentation

Example Diagram (Leadership Power)

LearnManagement2.com articles have diagrams to help learning, click on the diagram if you would like to read our Leadership Power Article

Leadership Power Diagram

Example Diagram (Succession Plans)

Click on the diagram if you would like to read our article about Succession Plans

Example Succession Plan


We hope you enjoyed looking through the business management presentations, click Business Management Theory to continue learning more about business and management.


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