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Mindfulness - The Benefits For Organisations


 The UK's health service (the NHS) define mindfulness as ‘Paying more attention to the present moment – to your own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around you – can improve your mental wellbeing.’

Mindfullness Interest
The Mindfulness Diagram above summarises the benefits of Mindfulness for Organisations

Mindfulness And The Benefits To The Organisation

Organisations can enjoy a number of benefits from implementing mindfulness including:

Mindfulness Activities

Mindfulness is any activity that encourages you to focus on the moment by cutting out all other thoughts, anxieties and "to do" lists. In the work place employers can begin the process through organised group sessions which provide employees with the time and a place to complete mindfulness activities. Mindfulness group sessions usually involve guided visualisation exercises where the session facilitator will provide attendees with a scenario outline, attendees are asked to complete the details using all of their senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch). During the mindfulness sessions attendees may be asked to close their eyes so that they can focus on the activity without distractions.

Example Mindfulness Activity

Any scenario that encourages people to forget their daily routine and is simple to imagine can be used as a mindfulness activity, here are a couple we thought of;

  1. Imagine you are holding a piece of fruit, what colour is it? what shape is it? What does is smell like? How does it feel in your hand? How will you eat it? Are you going to peel it, slice it or simply take a big bite? Imagine the fruit in your mouth, what noise does it make and how does it feel - is it hard, chewy or runny? What does it taste like - is it sweet, tangy or bitter?.......
  2. Imagine you are going for a swim in the sea. You've left everything behind including your tasks and worries, the beach is empty, its just you and you are going to have a nice relaxing swim. Imagine the feel of the sand under your toes and stop for a moment to enjoy the sun on your head, arms and legs.....


Overall mindfulness is an important part of the organisations human resources strategy. The mental wellbeing of staff should be a crucial factor when thinking about productivity and staff morale.
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