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Project Planning Communication


All projects need to be communicated; the people who will be helping you with the project and people that the project, may affect need to know about it. Think about the types of communication your project will benefit from and include them as tasks in your plan.

Project Communication Diagram
This diagram summarises the different types of project communication

Communication Examples

Some of the items above will need to be included in your plan whilst others such as e-mails will need to be completed as and when necessary. Regular communication will keep people up to date with your project's progress and any developments. It will also allow you to track task completion and motivate people; if people know that they will be asked about their progress on a certain date and at a certain time, they are more likely to complete their tasks especially if they are asked in a meeting where others are present.

Project “Kick Off” Meeting

A project kick off meeting is a good way to get your project going. The purpose of this meeting is to introduce the project (and the project team) to relevant people and stakeholders including:


As a project manager with lots of tasks to complete and tight deadlines, it can be relatively easy to neglect communication. This is dangerous; projects involve change management and change management requires lots of communication. Everyone needs to be supported through change; employees, managers, customers and even you the project manager. Effective support requires effective communication as everyone needs to know what is going on


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