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Types of Business
and Industries
Project Management and
Strategic Management
Employees and Teams
Herzberg: Hygiene Theory Business Types Project Management Overview Types of Groups
Adams: Equity Theory Sole Trader Project Planning Group Formation: Tuckman
Mcgregor: Theory X and Y Partnership Project Communication Belbin: Team Roles
Maslow: Hierarchy of Needs Charities Project Planning Tasks and Headers Human Resources Planning
Vroom: Expectancy Theory Franchise Scope Management
Taylor: Scientific Management Co-Operative SMART Objectives Employee Training
McClelland: Human Motivation Theory Private and Public Limited Companies Strategic Management Emotional Intelligence
Porter and Lawler: Expectancy Theory Organisational Culture Strategic Management Advantages & Disadvantages Employee Motivation Non Financial Methods
Organisational Structures Business Quality Management Leadership
Introduction to structures Key Performance Indicators Management Styles Leadership Power
Centralised and Decentralised Structure International Standards Overviews ISO 9000 and 14000 The Difference Between Leadership and Management Hersey & Blanchard: Situational Leadership
Flat Structure Garvin: Dimensions of Quality Fayol: Principles Of Management Kaizen: Continuous Improvement
Hierarchical Structure Total Quality Management (TQM) The Management Grid Adair: Action Centred Leadership
Matrix Structure Cost of Quality Likert: Management Systems
Tall Structure Quality  
Management Plans, Problem Solving and Business Communication Organisational Activities (Internal) Organisational Activities (External) Test Your Knowledge
Scenario Planning Organisational Functions Management Buyout
Crisis Management Production Business Mergers and Acquisitions


Contingency Planning McKinsey 7S Framework Business Integration
Ishikawa: Fishbone Analysis Value Chain Suppliers and Supplier Management
Business Communication Change Management    
Marketing in partnership with  
What is Marketing? The Marketing Mix Emarketing Mix Service Marketing Mix
Marketing Mix : Price Marketing Mix : Place Marketing Mix : Promotion Marketing Mix : Product
Balanced Scorecard Marketing Planning Intellectual Property
Financial Statements Financial Terms Financial Terms Financial Ratios
Profit and Loss Account Working Capital What is Liquidity? Introduction to Financial Ratios
Balance Sheets (Statement of Financial Position) Cashflow Business Costs, Revenue and Break Even Point  
Liquidity Ratios Shareholder Ratios Profitability Ratios Activity Ratios
Liquidity Ratios Overview Shareholder Ratios Overview Profitability Ratios Overview Stock Turnover
Current Ratio Earnings Ratio (PE Ratio) Gross Profit Margin Debtors Collection Period
Acid Test Ratio Earnings Per Share Net Profit Margin Asset Turnover
  Dividend Yield Return On Capital Employed Gearing Ratio

Business Costs DiagramBusiness Types DiagramFayol Principles of Management DiagramSupplier Management Diagram

Liquidity Ratios DiagramStrategic Management DiagramIshikawa Fishbone Analysis DiagramSuccession Plan Example Diagram